Income Protection

This can replace some of your income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  The income paid is usually tax free and the benefit payable is usually up to a maximum of 50-60% of your earnings.

Policies pay out after you have been off work for a period of time, this is known as the deferred period, and will continue to pay out until you can return to work or the end of the policy term which is usually retirement.

Very often people are paid by their employer but this is usually short term or up to a maximum of one year. A problem arises when someone has an illness or disability that lasts longer than this.

We can assess all or your protection needs and find the most competitive premiums using our in-house software systems which receive quotes from all the major life insurance companies.  We are very often able to beat the premiums on existing policies, especially those provided by the banks.

In addition to income protection cover we can also help with life and critical illness cover and business protection.

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